And 7 Steps to Creating One

Developing a marketing plan today may seem lost in the day-to-day activities of a busy marketing department. The list of tasks in Asana, Tello, or your simply trustworthy notebook may lead you to “production mode”, instead of “planning mode”.

Steps to create a Marketing Plan
Steps to create a Marketing Plan
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Regardless of how you set up your day, setting up your marketing objectives ahead and ensuring there is a clear plan, view, and way to achieve them is without a doubt, the best thing you and your team will do to achieve success. …

The Designer/Marketeer Fable

When I was interviewing for marketing roles a while back expectations seem to be that I know enough for the company to avoid hiring a designer.

I love design, really do. I often say that I should have taken an art degree instead of a marketing one. I love the thought, the process and even the software. However I’m not a designer and would not entitled myself to say I am just because I know how to use Adobe Creative Cloud. …

Are You Capitalizing on Your Marketing Efforts or Simply Running Meaningless Campaigns?

If you work in marketing you aspire to develop well-though campaigns that have a clear persona and goal attached to them and ultimately… ensure revenue. But how real is that? How many marketing departments have started with a well-developed plan and have stick to it till the end?

Marketing Campaigns
Marketing Campaigns
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It is not uncommon for marketing departments to be reactionary, to get overwhelmed with requests from sales, customer success, and other departments. This is only natural as Marketing’s responsibilities go beyond finding new leads. Marketing prospects raise brand awareness, advocates…

How to avoid the ‘one size fits all’ global marketing trap

Global Marketing: Marketing to different cultures in the world
Global Marketing: Marketing to different cultures in the world
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I’ve worked in the international office of a global software company for approximately 6 years. During this time, I strongly advocated for different strategies and actions based on the international markets we were trying to target. But despite my efforts, I too often fell into the trap of looking at Global marketing as ‘1 size fits all’.

Even though it may be simple to ‘accidentally’ fall into it, I still believe it to be an error. …

Recently I’ve been volunteering for a project in the town where I live. It’s a small project that does not take a lot but can sometimes be demanding and, it has taught me quite a lot.

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Since May 2018 I’ve been volunteering at Northampton Soup. A small community crowdfunding project in Northampton.

It’s a fairly simple set up: We organise an event, groups or individuals, with a project or an idea that benefits Northampton, come to pitch and everyone attending is asked for a suggested £5 donation. The donation entitles all attendees to a voting slip, as well as soup…

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When thinking of marketing technology (martech), I often feel like the sentence: “A jack of all trades is a master of none. And saying that I’m the “jack of all trades”, or the “master of none” on a public network may sound detrimental to my career, but the truth is that this isn’t just me.

In recent conversations with colleagues of my generation I’ve come to realize that a lot are on the same boat as me. Studied traditional marketing, saw the rise of digital, jumped on it!

The problem here is that ‘jumping on it’ and ‘living it’ are 2 very distinct things. The bias of what we’ve learned in university or experienced through varied work and projects is still there, yet, digital is non-stop, growing left right and centre and it’s often hard to keep track of the latest trend.

In August 2019 Dave Chaffey published an article in Smart Insights sharing today’s…

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